Food & Beverage

Main ProductsComplimentary
Ø Ammonium Bicarbonate Raising agent for flat baked goods such as cookies & crackers Ø Niacinamide Dietry supplements
Ø Ascorbic Acid Act as Antioxidant and Nutrional value of Vit.C Ø Nitric Acid Equipment cleaning of Food Industry
Ø Beta Carotene 1%, 10%, 30% Coloring agents Ø Phosphoric Acid Thickenner , prevents taste and color of food
Ø Beta Carotene Yellow - 10% Coloring agents Ø Potassium Meta Bi Sulphite Antioxidant, Preservative, Anti browning agent
Ø Carboxy Methyl Cellulose A viscosity modifier or thickner Ø Potassium Sorbate Inhibitor of Mold and Yeast growth in the food
Ø Casing Items Casing items for Meat , Fish Ø Potato Starch Thickenner and Binding agent in Food
Ø Citric Acid Anhydrous Antioxidant, Preservative, Gives tangy taste Ø Pectin/ Carragenan For Gelling ,Thickening & Stabilizing
Ø Citric Acid Monohydrate Used in Food,Beverages for sour taste Ø Powder & Liquid Colors Color additives
Ø Colors - Sunset Yellow, Tartrazine Food colors Ø Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate Used in Baking as leavening agent
Ø Clouding Agents Additives in Beverages or juice Ø Sodium Benzoate Used as Preservative
Ø Dextrose Monohydrate Preservative, Sweetner, Gelation, Viscosity etc. Ø Sodium Meta Bi Sulphite Used as Preservative in dried food
Ø Dairy  Cultures Used in Yoghurt Ø Sodium Bicarbonate Baking soda
Ø Di Sodium EDTA Chelating agent, Preservative, Stabilizer Ø Sodium Chloride - PVD Salt Common powdered Salt
Ø Flavor For meat ( Chicken, turkey & beef) Ø Sodium Tri Poly Phosphate Preservative for SeaFood ,Meat,Poultry
Ø Food Vitamins - A, D3, B2, B6 Food Vitamins Ø Sodium Citrate Flavoring  and additive agent in beverages
Ø Fumaric Acid Stabilize the pH of a fruit juice drink & used as acidity regulate. Ø Sodium Sulphite Preservative for Food & Beverages
Ø Hydrogen Peroxide 35% , 50% Bleaching / cleaning agent Ø Stannous Chloride Exceptional clarity to Beverages
Ø Glycerine Used to sweeten  Food & Beverages Ø Thiamine Vitamin B1 Supplement in the Food
Ø Glycerine Monosterate Used as Food Emulsifier Ø Tri Calcium Phosphate Anti caking agent and Acidity Regulator
Ø GMS Sweetener, Humectant, Solvent Ø Vitamin Premix Fortification of Food with Vitamins
Ø Liquid Glucose A sweetner agent & flavour enhancement Ø  Yeast For bread
Ø Malic Acid Flavor enhancer    
Ø Maize Starch Thickening  agent    
Ø Microencapsulated Flavours Used in Sweet & Savory eatables    
Ø Mono Propylene Glycol Humectant and stabilizer , solvent in Flavors & Preservative agent.