Construction & Paints Chemicals

Ø Acrylic Emulsion Resin Ø Hydroxy Propylene Cellulose Thickener
Ø Aluminum Stearate Drier  Ø Oleic Acid Ph adjuster
Ø Butyl Stearate Damp Proffer Ø Poly Carboxylic Ether Polymer Plasticizer
Ø Calcium Nitrate Accelerating admixtures Ø Poly Vinyl Alcohol Increasing cohesion and fluidity
Ø Calcium Stearate Waterproofing  Ø Poly Urethane Resin
Ø Calcium Sulpho Aluminates Accelerator Ø Salicylic Acid Preservative
Ø Caprilic Acid Ph adjuster Ø Sodium Nitrate Antioxidant
Ø Cellulose (CMC) Increasing Viscosity  Ø Stearic acid Hardener
Ø Coal Tar Binder Ø Talc Products Powders
Ø Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Dispersible Ø Tartaric Acid Acidification Agent
Ø Epoxy Latex Adhesives and coatings Ø Titanium Dioxide White Pigment
Ø Hydro Carbon Resin Tackifying Ø Tri Ethanol Amine Anti agglomeration
Ø Hydroxy Carboxylic Acid Thickener Ø Water Repellent Products Water Repellent
Ø Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose Thickening agent